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Busty Housewife

John liked to dominate his wife all of the time. She did not mind, she was used to it and he never hurt her. She was grateful that he went out and worked and earned the money so that she could stay at home all day and she certainly had fun while he was away. He usually made her wear only underwear in the... Click to Read More

The Farm Girl

Josie had always worked on her parents farm. She felt like she was a typical farm ladies build, well built and buxom. She had brown hair which she normally just tied in plaits either side of her head and she usually wore jeans and a shirt which seemed to suit her. The farm was open to the public and she often got... Click to Read More

The Breasts

Dee didn't know if it was true f all women with big breasts, maybe just those with natural ones, but she felt that she was far more sensitive in this area than other women. If she just brushed her breast, even with her arm when she was fully dressed, she felt her nipple start to harden. She had to be careful what... Click to Read More

Fore Playing With Big Tits

He steps briskly inside, shuts the door behind him. He gives me a huge hug and then plants a hard and wet kiss on my mouth! "Oh, baby, I am so glad to see you tonight," I purred at him. He smiled and just kept kissing and kissing me. Our lips were still together as I pulled his arms out of his... Click to Read More

Finally A Big One

“Nice place,” Kevin commented, while sitting down in the living room. Big woman fascinated Kevin and Alice was one he had been prowling for a long time. Alice was only about five foot two inches tall; her short frame was in excess of 170 pounds. From the look on her face, Alice was more than a little happy... Click to Read More

Saying Goodbye

Cindy was always very, very playful, but we never really got past much than heavy petting. I never really minded much because I was still a virgin and really liked her too much to want to mess anything up. A week after my eighteenth birthday she turned eighteen also.

A few days after her birthday Cindy... Click to Read More

Saved By Huge Soft Tits

Ricky had fucked Pam extra rough. He was a real mad man after a six-pack, and after fucking her pussy sore, he now wanted her ass. Pam protested big time, refusing to be taken in the ass when he was in one of his non-caring moods. He tore her ass hole apart bad enough with his over zealous enthusiasm... Click to Read More

Luxurious Tunnel

She pulled Harry's pants to his knees, and did the same to her own. "Ohhhhhhh," sighed Harry. He hoped he wouldn't come too soon. Maybe it was just as well that Katie hadn't yet taken off her shirt. Seeing those big tits of the beautiful eighteen-year-old girl bare in front of him would surely send him over... Click to Read More

Sensitive Nips

As I walked up Vicki threw back the covers, she was nude. I paused for a moment, running my eyes from one end of her body to the other. Vicki began to run her hands over her body, gently tugging her nipples with one hand while the other slid down to rub her wet pussy. I wanted to stop and enjoy the view, but I... Click to Read More

Milking The Neighbor

He moved in close to Sharon as she opened her blouse and unfastened her bra cup.

“Here, take it.” she whispered.

He leaned down to Sharon’s chest, feeling his heart pounding through his head. The warmth of her round full breast was getting closer and he nervously opened his mouth and took... Click to Read More

Big Oily Boobs

Angie wanted to try something special to spice up our sex life the other night. I really didn’t think we needed anything extra because the busty blonde and I still fuck like teens even though we are in our mid-thirties. She came walking out of the bathroom wearing a sexy purple bustier with matching panties. The... Click to Read More

Tit Coating

Pam whispered, "I want you to fuck my tits, Bobby." I almost creamed my pants. I kissed Pam aggressively, driving my tongue deep into her mouth. As we kissed, Pam put one hand on my crotch. “I need to feel it between my tits," said Pam as she pulled away. Pam removed her shorts revealing her drooling pussy. The... Click to Read More